AURÉLIE is a niche high-end beauty and skincare brand from France. For many years, AURÉLIE has been deeply loved by celebrities all around the world by interpreting classic skincare products with cutting-edge and outstanding technology and sensory luxury.

AURÉLIE integrates luxury, fashion, art, and individuality, participating in top fashion events such as Paris Couture Fashion Week and Cannes Film Festival. With numerous five-star luxury hotel SPA,it customizes personalized luxury skincare treatment and provide precious products, which are highly favored by fashion trendsetters such as supermodels and celebrities.

AURÉLIE eradicate industrial pollution, and the product ingredients are natural, rare, and precious. Combining advanced biotechnology to activate collagen regeneration and achieve optimal anti-aging effects. Adhering to the concept of sustainable development, inheriting the brand's collection techniques, and sincerely presenting luxury and revitalizing beauty.